In the seventh year of publishing, we have the great pleasure to announce that this ComSIS has been selected for coverage in EBSCOhost’s databases, adding another established vendor to the growing list of indexing databases where ComSIS is featured.

This is one of the special issues of ComSIS, devoted to advances in computer animation and digital entertainment. On behalf of the ComSIS Consortium, we would like to use this opportunity to thank the reviewers and all of the authors for their diligence and high-quality work. Most prominently, we would like to thank Qiang Zhang, the guest editor of this issue, as well as Chunlin Ma and Lizhuang Ma, general chairs of the 6th Conference on Intelligent CAD and Digital Entertainment (CIDE 2009), for their great contribution and efforts in organizing the conference and creating this issue of ComSIS.

Mirjana Ivanović

Managing Editor
Miloš Radovanović