Due to a considerably increasing interest of the authors for ComSIS in recent two years, we may say that this seventh year of publishing is a challenging one for a whole Editorial Board in many aspects. This is the first year in which we decided to publish two extra special issues, apart from two regular ones. The one of them, titled Advances in Languages, Related Technologies and Applications, is in front of you. We created it with a hope to provide exchanging useful research ideas and experiences in the area of programming and domain specific languages, and compilers.

On behalf of the ComSIS Consortium, let us use this opportunity to give our thanks to the reviewers and all of the authors for their high-quality work and remarkable enthusiasm. Above all, let us give great thanks to the guest editors, António Menezes Leitao and Boštjan Slivnik, who invested a lot of their efforts in creation of this special issue, as well as to Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki (WAPL'2009), and Pedro Rangel Henriques (CoRTA'2009), for their fruitful organizational support.

Mirjana Ivanović

Ivan Luković