Note on (Self-)Plagiarism

Before commencing with the editorial and the contents of this issue, we have an important announcement regarding (self-)plagiarism.

During a routine check of articles published in Computer Science and Information Systems using plagiarism-detection software, two borderline cases of self-plagiarism were detected. The articles in question amply used excerpts from other papers by the same authors, to the point of obscuring the contributions of said articles.

Although the Editorial Board determined that the articles contain just enough novelty not to warrant retraction, we emphasize that we will implement a much stricter anti-plagiarism policy in the future. If a borderline case of self-plagiarism “slips through” and is published, upon later detection we will at the very least publicly label the article as such. Needless to say, as always, clear cases of plagiarism and self-plagiarism will be retracted immediately upon detection.

In the end, we hope not to have to deal with such issues again, and implore all prospective authors to carefully check the manuscripts intended for submission to our journal.

Mirjana Ivanović

Managing Editor
Miloš Radovanović