Sequencing Educational Resources with Seqins

Ricardo Queiros1, José Paulo Leal2 and José Campos3

    Porto, Portugal
  2. CRACS & INESC-Porto LA, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto
  3. Lusada University, Portugal


Existing adaptive educational hypermedia systems have been using learning resources sequencing approaches in order to enrich the learning experience. In this context, educational resources, either expository or evaluative, play a central role. However, there is a lack of tools that support sequencing essentially due to the fact that existing specifications are complex. This paper presents Seqins as a sequencing tool of digital educational resources. Seqins includes a simple and flexible sequencing model that will foster heterogeneous students to learn at different rhythms. The tool communicates through the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability specification with a plethora of e-learning systems such as learning management systems, repositories, authoring and automatic evaluation systems. In order to validate Seqins we integrate it in an e-learning Ensemble framework instance for the computer programming learning domain.

Key words

e-learning, educational resources, sequencing, interoperability

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Volume 11, Issue 4 (October 2014)
Special Issue on Advances in Systems, Modeling, Languages and Agents
Year of Publication: 2014
ISSN: 1820-0214 (Print) 2406-1018 (Online)
Publisher: ComSIS Consortium

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Queiros, R., Leal, J. P., Campos, J.: Sequencing Educational Resources with Seqins. Computer Science and Information Systems, Vol. 11, No. 4, 1479–1497. (2014),